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The Miniature Wargame 65,000,000 Years in the Making

After a series of natural disasters, the earth has been rocked by the reappearance of dinosaurs. The world governments are trying their best to quarantine these prehistoric beasts while they rampage through the streets of the new world.

You must take on the role of a Slayer, to hunt these creatures and retrieve DNA samples for scientists to study, as well as being offered wealth and fame by television networks to capture the most exciting new footage…

Do you have what it takes to be DinoProof?

DinoProof is the fun and exciting 28mm miniature wargame for two or more players, featuring:
• Slayer Creation. Choose your Slayers abilities, skills and equipment
• Full rules for playing as a Slayer and a rampaging horde of dinosaurs
• Over a dozen profiles for the most dangerous and iconic dinosaurs ever to have walked the earth
• A full list of weapons and supplies to aid you on your adventures in the Dino Zones
• Full campaign rules so you can take your novice Slayer to the heights of a celebrity superstar
• 8 exciting scenarios, from hunting dinosaurs, stealing rare eggs or tracking down a loose genetically
designed super dinosaur

DinoProof is the fun and exciting 28mm miniature wargame for two or more. Buy it now, right here!

£9.99 + postage
44 pages
Fully illustrated
A4 softback